Quick portraits / 5 to 10 mins for each one - 06/2022

by Kheir, June 25th 2022 © 2022 Kheir

Current work, I know there is a lots of mistakes but making quick drawings is very new for me so I need to take this habit, practice & hope they'll be better later..


These are looking great, lots of personality! The strongest ones imo are those where the head shape is more distinct, like the ones on the right and the guy in glasses (middle bottom). Your lines feel more confident in those drawings and you break down details into the most important lines. The drawings where the neck makes a sharp turn feel a bit awkward–like the neck is strangled or broken–this might be due to how many lines you used to describe the turn, and relying on one or two instead to do the majority of the work may make for a more clear drawing.

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Thanks a lot for all these clarifications ! have a nice day


try to draw the faces biggier.



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