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by Brilicol, July 15th 2022 © 2022 Brilicol
Jubilate Deo

Oh fun! Gel pens! I love using pen. It helps me loosen up, I think. Your torso and leg proportions look really good, but the arms and feet look like they're maybe a bit small. And you draw in really short, choppy strokes. Try to practice longer, cleaner lines - on their own, if it's too hard on something this complicated. My favorite for that is to draw flowers, because even if the petals aren't the "right" shape, they'll still look fine just because flower petals aren't all the same, and they really reward you for clean edges or the flower looks ragged. :0)

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Thank you! I will keep it in mind! I think I developed a very sketchy/ choppy style over the years, but it probably is due to a certain level of uncertainty. I will try some longer lines/ the exercise you mentioned! Thanks for taking the time to critique, I appreciate you! 🌞🙏🏽

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