to my future self 16d in

by Leitang, August 25th 2022 © 2022 Leitang

shoulders are like eyebrows. its very important when it comes to gesture.

collar bone indicates direction

rib cage is takes quite bit of space. determines fat or skinny.

arm shapes are better. knees can use some extra work. find knee cap direction. find simplification

foot&hand need simple 3d practice.

Polyvios Animations

Good morning, Leitang, this is Poly, and how are you? Great job on your simplification of form and proportions and anatomy in your gesture pose. Keep going if you please.

However, your anatomy in your arms are so much stronger, but your knees need more than forceful motion in the more bent position. Please apply more squash in the legs and knees in your 1 hour of 1 minute sketches of legs, knees and feet, using your shoulders and elbows. The reason is so that your action of the resting positions will become bolder and more powerful. Anyway, please keep up the greater excellence. Good night!


Hi there again. I'm great as always and hope you are enjoying your day as well.

I guess I can't always get as big progress as those face improvements. But i was kinda busy recently, trying to at least spare half of an hour or so everyday just spam something. Hopefully they will help later on accumulatively. But yeah, knees and elbows will be on my list for sure. Thanks for checking in with my posts, as always, appreciated for kind words and advice. :)

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