by Rinne, November 16th 2022 © 2022 Rinne

This is a 5 minute sketch I did between 2022.11.14 and 2022.11.15.
The proportions seem to be more accurate after trying the new drawing method.
80% of the content of my text is translated by the DeepL translator. I am very sorry if this causes any inconvenience in terms of expression and understanding.

Cave Paint

These are lovely! They feel alive.the shaded ones are so nice.

It seems like every so often one has the eyes set to high. You could easily call this a stylistic choice for cartoonism.


Thank you for your comment!

I love cartoons and comics, so that may have influenced my approach to drawing. My art teacher used to say that I tend to draw my characters with big eyes, like cartoon characters, and I think this is also due to the influence of cartoons:)


These are nice! I think you're capturing emotion and expression really well. I think you might be shying away from shading a bit, maybe it feels intimidating or difficult but you do a great job!

Try identifying the light source, and adding in some block shading before detailing. I think it will help bring more physical depth into your portraits. These are looking great!

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Thank you for your reply!

I've tried adding shadows before and that does help to improve finishing the work, but it tends to hide my weakness of the lines, so I'm going to work on the modelling and line side for now.

If I have time later I will work on shading alone, which I think is very helpful in conveying the volume of the object.

Thanks again for your message!