by Rinne, January 30th 2023 © 2023 Rinne

Good New Year everyone!
It's been a very busy month, so I haven't had much time to spend on sketching.
Hope I can do more sketches next month.

Polyvios Animations

Great and great works on your face and expression sketches capturing mood and expression and action, so please keep up the great works.

However, I'm still not getting enough especially but particularly exaggerated facial moods in those sketches up above. Would you like to free up your shoulders with 1.5 hour of 30 second quick sketches? (180 quick scribbles for movement of faces)

'The reason why is because, though you're getting a bit near great in your anatomy, then the quick gestures will help lighten up the organic flow in the shapes or the lines. But there's more! It can help you make your knowledge of faces and expressions the most bold and confident. For most inspiration and influences, kindly check out this link on live-action changes of moods. These have expressions from the late Kirk Douglass, from John K.'s older blog, along with others in this really fine goldmine of influence and inspiration. Please take these with a complete grain of salt.

Hope this link has been positively and totally informative.


Thanks for the website link, I'll check it out right away!