by Zorrak, February 17th 2023 © 2023 Zorrak

Did 30 seconds gesture drawings looking to improve my overall gestures and find out my flaws

Polyvios Animations

Good evening, Zorrak, and greatest job on retaining but exaggerating your lines of expression in your poses. They remind me of animator's poses. Keep up the greatest job, for you too, can have a future in the drawn animation's second, third, or forth renaissance.

However, I'm still not getting enough that funniest cartoonist's lines in your gestural edges and lines. How would you kindly free up your brians and shoudlers and arms with 12 minutes of 30 second attitude sketches. As a result of you doing those quick sketches, you'd be able to get the broadest strokes down quickly, so that you wouldn't get overwhelmed by the most minute details, in addition, you'll be able to push your proportions and shapes to the greatest of extremes. For even most details, please pick of copies of the Force books illustrated by Mike Mattesi and the Walt Stanchfield PDFs on Archive.org.

Hope these have been educational and totally informational.


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