30 minute study (pencil)

by Pixel202, March 28th 2023 © 2023 Pixel202

Focus on accurate anatomy, correct shading and producing a somewhat finished outcome

Polyvios Animations

Greatest excellence in anatomical accuracy and your gestural confidence in lines and shapes, but I'm not getting enough of the boldest caricature, so how would like to go for very first 30 minute class, so that you could push your gestures and forces the most? Hope this has encouraged and informed you by the longest shot!


The body proportion ratios are very solid. For the hands, try to find where the palm lies in comparison to the stool, build the box for the palm in perspective, and build the fingers out from there. For the feet, find where the ankle sits and build the foot out. Once you solidfy down the ankle, the achilles tendon flows straight up to the calf. You'll have an easier time finding where to plant the feet if you start with the calcaneous/ankle bone and the ball of your foot, and connect them with the plantar fascia.

Taking the time to deep dive into the "superficial" anatomy (such as the ribs in the torso or the hamstrings/quadriceps in the thigh) to help you develop the basic 3d shapes of the body and then progressing into more specific anatomy (sartorius in the thigh, etc.) will give you a well-rounded understanding of the human form.

The shading looks great. My only other suggestion is to tackle perspective, even if it's as small as putting a 3d plane on the ground. It will help you figure out where to put the feet (ankle and the ball of your foot) in contrast to where the stool will sit. You can also start with breaking the body down into 3d shapes, and following the lines you create to their vanishing point(s).


I think that the definition of the muscles is awesome, especially those on the arms and back. The position of the feet tho, seems kinda weird. Besides that, I think that you were able to transmit emotion through the pose, which is so hard to put into the paper.

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