30 minute pencil study

by Pixel202, April 22nd 2023 © 2023 Pixel202

Attempted to figour out how to create effective shading in a short amout of time. Looking at it, it's obvious that the torso is far to long and throws off the proportions of the whole image.

Also the position on the page meant that I did not have enough space for the feet (which I did not focus on)

Polyvios Animations

Hello, Pixel, and welcome back to our site. How are you? Greatest job on your forms, tones and animation lines, but they all don't seem too animated enough to me, for they seem to stilted to me, frankly, but how would you like to loosen up your lines of action and rhythm with a 1 hour class mode of figure studies, using the vertical flip? As a result of when it comes to the vertical flip, then you can and shall and will enjoy drawing out your observations of figures. For most details please make sure you look into the Betty Edwards books on drawing creatively and analytically on Amazon and kindle and audible. Please make sure that they have been totally nicest and helpful.

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