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Your pose dynamic looks great, I would now suggest using more types of brushes. You shadow work looks very airbrushed, to where it somewhat blends together, so maybe more of a paint looking brush, something to break the texture and draw your eye to the focal point of the work.

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More marvelous job on your shading and texture of your brushes, but I'm not getting enough of the flowing and fluid spontaneity of gestures and strokes with 1 hour of 2 minute scribbly sketches?

The reason why you could and should do this littler suggestion is because to help you make your brushstrokes more stronger, but least stilted, yet most dynamic, spontaneous, furthermore alive. Please would and should you try the same thing on Procreate on your tablet computer if you do or don't already own them? Good luck to you, your learning curve, and your march of progress.


I see that you did very well in capturing the figure. The proportions and perspective seem to be correct. I see the image struggling with the values, line quality, and brushes. There is very little of the image in which I can tell where a surface ends or where it starts, even more so if the lines were to be removed. If you want to improve this, I would recommend you seek to use a hard brush with 100% opacity. Alongside that, try sticking to about 2-4 values. I cannot write much on the subject as I'm only an amateur, but I have a couple of videos I'd recommend on the subject of painting and values.





Otherwise, back onto line quality, I would recommend using a thicker pen and/or one with pressure sensitivity, if you are able. While your lines define the figure, they are not very strong and do not change in weight to describe the figure's forms. Perhaps the lack of confidence in your lines is due to a lack of anatomical knowledge? If you don't know your planes and muscle groups, its likely difficult to be confident defining certain parts of the figure. The only place I can find that may suggest weight is on the nose, but those lines rather look messy than intentional. On that topic of facial features, i think that in this study of the figure, given you had limited time (i do not know how much if you did) it would be best to leave such features for the very end of your drawing. Work on blocking in heads such that you can return to them in full figure drawings.
One more thing, If you want to get more out of this study, I would recommend you return to it by perhaps redefining the lines, values, etc.

not really sure how to end a post like this, but I hope you have a good day and good luck improving!!!



Great job on the posing!

I understand you were going for a high contrast ciaro-obscuro kinda vibe?

I'd probably make a gradient in a separate sheet of paper, choose what kind of dark gray will be the background and then go a set darker for the shadows. That way you get a bit more bang for your buck in the mood area. Also shadows can be tricky, for me it helps me visualize them as hard shapes and then go over where they soften. If all your shadows are soft, then you create this airbrushy kind of effect that confuses the viewer a bit.

I love the subtle foreshortening and I don't even know how long this took, I think you did and amazing job nonetheless.


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