28 jun 2022

by Brilicol, July 13th 2023 © 2023 Brilicol

5 min

gel pen

Polyvios Animations

Good morning, Brilicol, and welcome back again. How are you doing today?

You know, I think you're doing a greater job on capturing forms over forces organically in your under figure, but I feel that these lines of action and lines of rhythm could be a bit more than clearer but more than decisive. How would you care to go ahead on our interactive drawing tutorial here on our website, if you have or haven't already?

The logic behind this constructive critique is by taking this tutorial, you could not only help yourself to refresh your understanding of the drawing basics, then you would warm up your lines more faster therefore free-er with your larger but longer lines, even if you work in shorter time constrictions, even before you finish off with slower therefore more careful drawings.

Another explanation, to help yourself be more nicer and respectful to yourself and your drawing process, although you don't always make more cleaner and perfect sketches. But, these gesture drawings are for movements, not just looks.

For more details, please look into these YouTube video right down there, and more. 👇

Hope you can trust me on the approach thing, but I hope these things and more have helped and benefited you.

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