by Alex O3930, March 11th 2024 © 2024 Alex O3930

Ignore the stupid Angel on the side

Polyvios Animations

Hello again, Alex.

Nicest works on your cartoony and stylized fashion design and drawing in your weighted pose above. Very dynamic indeed, and I love it. Yet, I'm not getting enough of that most boldest and most powerful gestures and contours yet. How would you like to please free up your shouders with 4 10-minute poses, while starting with a lightest gesture?

The reason why you could and would just go ahead with this drawing approach is because, your cartoon works and attitudes can, shall, and will become least stilted and the most dynamic, energetic, and liveliest, even if referencing from figure studies. (With all due respect, we mean that we are all here to help you out on drawing out your best works, no doubt) And, for more information, please look into the Vilppu Drawing Manual RIGHT HERE.

Let's hope you can and will become the most supportive and useful to you.

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