by Alex O3930, March 11th 2024 © 2024 Alex O3930
Polyvios Animations

Hello once again, Alex O3930,

Greatest job on your sense of gestures, weights, balance, and fat anatomy in your bunny girl character design. I must think that I'm getting enough of the spirit of VivziePop, and I feel that I'm still not getting enough of the expression, the exaggeration, and emotion yet. Where's the feet that are chopped off? Would you like to kindly free up your most always holistic poses with 1 hour 46 minutes of 2 minute poses, all done underhanded?? (53 sketches)

The reason why you could, would, and furthermore must do this thing is because if your figure dynamics get the strongest in speed, so can and will and must your cartoons. Cartoons are just an observation and caricature of reality, you know. For most inspiration, kindly pick up a copy at your local library or book shop for the Bridgman Life Drawing book, and these sketchbook videos from a certain artist attending school at that time:




Please don't be discouraged. You may and might learn something from these materials. Good luck from me to you and your journey.


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