March 15, 2024 Page 1

by Riva, March 16th 2024 © 2024 Riva

I focused on the female form today. I've struggled with the feminine form in the past, and I still have a lot of work left, but I am happy with today's practice as I think my guestures are reading as feminine. I read some information regarding the Loomis method and I think that helped a lot. My goal is to eventually be able to draw the human form from imagination. I'm very fond of the figure on the left. At least their torso and hips look more feminine than my previous sketches.

Polyvios Animations

Hello again.

Again, greatest works on your feminine figure drawings. Greatest jobs on your forces over spaces and forms on them. But, I'm still not too satisfied with the expressive and emotional lines and line quality in your figure drawings. Why don't you please just free up your shoulders with 46 minutes of 2 minute poses of females and males? (23 scribbles of people)

The reason why you could and would just go ahead with this thing is to make your goal to help yourself draw the most broadest expression and emotion in your figures and poses and attitudes. So, for most details, please look into the Force series by Mattessi on Amazon and Kindle.



Thank you for the critique. I will focus my efforts on my shoulders and thank you for the information you have recommended I look into. I will be sure to do so.

Aunt Herbert

I personally like the figures on the right the best. The one on the lower right is probably your most accomplished naturalistic looking one, the one on the top right is obviously just a short sketch, but it has just the right kind of funky and wild, to spark my interest.


I liked the movement of the sketch on the right. That was the first one where I felt I started noticing how the female form sits on the skeleton. Thank you for your critique.


I like the ones on the right as well...

i feel like the 3 "stick figures" on the top capture the pose well, whereas on the left when your adding the muscles it became unclear... I feel like it's because the shape of the muscle aren't quite right... Maybe you can do some anatomy study... one of my teacher at school make us trace with tracing paper several muscle figure which helped a lot ! Figuring out where the muscle are attached and which bones they move might be usefull here... The one on the bottom right is better that the ones on the left for the same reason: I understood what's happening, I think here the shadows helped as well.


It's always the fleshy bits that I get caught up on. I like the idea of tracing. I think I'll give that a shot too. Thank you for your critique.