March 27th, Page 1

by Riva, March 29th 2024 © 2024 Riva

I had someone in a critique suggest I try drawing the ribs, I think it helps. At least it helps me reference the hips and legth of arms.

Iris Washington

I definitely think it helps! You have such great movement in several of these sketches, I'm very fond of the two on the right. I'd say just keep practicing! What helps me sometimes is to draw the angles of the clavicals if I can see them on my subject, because then I know which way the ribcage is going and the depth. I can't wait to see you grow!

Polyvios Animations

You know, Riva, I think your search for perfection of the hip and torso placements and positions are getting to be completely and totally spot-on. I feel that these fluidities of poses and lines could use just the most amount of works. I may just recommend, please, going for 106 minutes of 2 minute poses, all done from your shoulders, and all done from your non-dominant hands?

The reason why is because, your visual communication, not just body parts, could and would get mostly strongest and most ambitious yet in terms of your internalized feelings and moods. So, for most details on distillations of gestures, kindly take this suggestion with biggest grain of salt, with a great copy of Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics, mainly for like, reference.

Let's hope these have worked.