30 Apr 2024- 5 minutes

by Brilicol, April 30th 2024 © 2024 Brilicol

With some 10 second and 1 minutes thrown in there

Polyvios Animations

Hello and welcome back, Brilicol! Again, most bravest and most ambitious work on your gestures, edges, spaces, shapes, forms, colors and tones of your figure sketches. Yet, I am still not getting enough of you looking at your figures the most holistic and most humorous and most expressive way. Would you like to please just go ahead with 1 hour, 46 minutes of 2 minute poses, all done from your non-dominant hand, all done with your ballpoints, and all done on the leftover blank pages of your oldest paperback notebooks and memo pads?

The logic behind these things is because, by drawing with pens on blank notebook pages, this prompt can and will teach you to help you become the least precious with your drawing, and the most boldest, most confident, and completely and totally inspired in your liveliest lines of action and rhythm, in order to excellently invest most into your right side of your brains. For most info, please do pick up a copy of The Natural Way To Draw, by Kimon N., available on book and e-book.

Let's all hope they can, must, and will help you out on your current and future goals.


Thank you for your critique always, i agree i am too precious sometimes and need to be less attached. I will try your exercise as well!

Aunt Herbert

There is certainly a lot of chaotic energy there, and I feel, like I have too many open questions to give specific recommendations.

The most obvious one, I don't understand your choice of colors. Does it carry any meaning, or is it purely the result of randomly picking pens out of the package and seeing what happens?

What I also don't get is your usage of lines. Some of your lines seem very straight and geometric, like you were working at some perspectivic foundation, but then other lines seem very searching, but without settling towards areas with specific values, and yet other lines seem like just an attempt to form a figure from naturalistically depicting details, but getting lost in proportions and scale.

If you are interested in a very boring and conventional approach to art, I would give you my standard 2 beginner recommendations, drawabox.com and https://www.proko.com/course/figure-drawing-fundamentals/overview

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Thanks for your critique! Honestly, i have done the line of action beginning tutorial on figure drawing but for the most part i am still a bit wild/ free form and trying to work on becoming more disciplined with my lines and forms. Colors have no meaning, just like you said I really just pick what i feel. I am definitely a feeling artist and i am trying to work on being more structured. Thanks for your recommendations, drawabox definitely looks promising and i hope to try it out soon!

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