Classroom Session #3

by Spencerm, May 8th 2024 © 2024 Spencerm

I believe this was a 30 min figure Drawing. I really tried to do as few lines to justify the form I was trying to convey.

Polyvios Animations

Hello again, Spencer, and welcome back, and I'm Polyvios here again, and I'm doing greater, and how are you doing today? Nicer job on your flow and fluidity of gestures over forms of figures using only as fewer lines as possible. Your stick figures are not really stick figures, they have acting and action to those poses, so keep going please.

Yet, I have one constructive critique: I love the economy, but I really need and want to see more looser but lighter lines, and therefore, I also need and want to see more solider shapes, silhouettes, and forms to your action guidelines. Would you like to work more from your arms using 45 minutes of 5 minute figures?

The reason why you would and could go ahead with this littler thing is because you can, shall, and will be able to mix tighter but more geometric forms with flowing and organic gestures and forms and shapes, in order to make more carved-out and plastic figures and hands and more. So, for more further info and details, kindly look into this video on how to sharpen extra-long points with your pencils: ✏️


My hat's off to you!

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