Classroom Session #3.2

by Spencerm, May 8th 2024 © 2024 Spencerm

I believe this was a 30 min figure Drawing. I really tried to do as few lines to justify the form I was trying to convey.

Polyvios Animations

Hello again, Spencerm, it's me again, and I'm doing finest, how are you? Say, I think you're still showing your most marked progress and myelin in your line confidence and movement in your drawn poses and attitudes, but I feel that the shapes are still not getting enough of the loosest but therefore most organic shapes and flows. Would you like to care for doing 46 minutes of 2 minute poses all done with drawing without looking at the paper or the screen?

The logic behind this thing is because, by drawing in blind contours, then you can and will become the most completely comfortable with drawing what you see and how you see, rather than what and how you think you see. It's not that I'm telling you how to draw, it's that I'm giving you some of the newest, most different, and most exciting ideas on how to best yourself and your drawn art.

Good luck to you and your marches of progress and muscle memories.

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