25 minutes

by Brilicol, May 13th 2024 © 2024 Brilicol

Off bat I can see I need to practice the alignment of the head a bit more... trying to work on more solid line vs sketchy but that's also easier with more time. However with the second pose there's less of the body to work with so I think I ended up spending more time with the dress details than anything else. Each pose was 25 mjnufes. Thanks in advance for your critiques

Polyvios Animations

Hello again, Brilicol, and most stunningest and most breathtaking and most groundbreaking job on your figures in terms of gestures, poses, and clothing. I have the impression you've completely, positively but absolutely have it always going on, but I feel that there's still not enough of your most organic shapes, forms and most humorous lines of action and rhythm. How would you care to please go ahead with a 10 minute pose of your most clothed but particularly anatomical pose?

The reason is as a result, you can and will catch up on your human anatomy for imagining your poses, but to make them the least stiffest and least stilted but the most sparkling, gutsiest and most audacious. So for most tips and tricks, kindly look into the Vilppu Drawing Manual on eBay and online. My hat's off to you!

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