Day #1 - July 5th - Five 1 Min, Two 5 Min, One 10 Min Figure Drawings

by Crow Teethh, July 5th 2024 © 2024 Crow Teethh

First time doing figure drawing in FOREVER, so I know how bad this page looks 😬 This second spread looks better though!

My favourites are the 10 minute one, upper 5 min one, and the 1 minute one of the muscular guy with the log.

I'm proud of the lighting practice with the 10 minute one, as well as the top 5 min one's corrections on the feet proportions and positioning.

I really got the essence of the pose with the log guy one, and I usually struggle with muscles but for some reason that one just made sense in my mind easily so I could simplify it nicely.


This was really fun! I have to remember that figure sketching is actually enjoyable once you get started.
Next time I want to have some markers with me to do the lighting with so I can focus on the "blobs" of light/shadow instead of spending so much time hatching. It'll give me more time to focus on the details of the body and proportions.

Polyvios Animations


Greatest works on your gestures, your silhouette poses, your relationships (proportions and angles), your lighting and shading, and of course, your gestalts. Please do work your smartest but hardest and thanks!


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