by TaooftheRaven, January 15th 2019 © 2019 TaooftheRaven

If you would perhaps take a view from a vid camera of your own feet in these same poses....well...you would see the difference of what you THINK YOU SEE compared to what is real of a foot .....especeially the one where the toes turn up....that is outta of cartoon from the late, great TEX AVERY...type of gag,,,,but he knew the full sturcture of the real human foot...as yours is not quite there...the arch of the under foot is not real....so once you do that same exact pose on camera...then you will see what foot poses are real and what are not quite right of this page that you have shown us.........good luck with showing us more please.

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I appreciate your suggestions and agree they're not the best. Each was done in only 30 seconds.

Kim - Site admin

Better than what I do in 30 seconds when faced with a foot! ;)

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