by TaooftheRaven, January 15th 2019 © 2019 TaooftheRaven

Well firstly, we need to see these sketch book in the right view and not have to turn our heads.....so with that being said....these blocks of buildings lookin' gooooood...heh...so give us more please.

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Yeah, I apologize. They're upright in my phone but for some reason they rotated when uploaded. Thank you so much for the words!


I'm not sure what you specifically want me to talk aboutfor these drawings, so I'll touch on the major things I'm noticing.

It seems that you are struggling a little with line weight, as it gets heavy in a couple places it shouldn't. For example, in the skyscraper drawing, the buildings farther away should have lighter, thinner lines to let them "fade" into the background.

There are also a couple times I notice inconsistencies with perspective. in the skyscraper drawing and (from my perspective) 2nd and 3rd from the bottom right have some inconsistencies that make them look off.

Hope this helps :)


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