114 figure study photos with Jorge Z

Happy Thursday! Today I have 114 references from Jorge Z, taken in natural light. Many of these are beautifully classical and graceful.

Here's a few sample images from this set: 


Jorge has very generously donated all of these photos to the community for free use.



Thank-you Jorge!

Jorge Zam

Your welcome, I’m happy you like them

Polyvios Animations

Greatest job on your newest poses, Jorge!

Jorge Zam

Thank you so much I hope my poses are useful.


Thank you Jorge Zamorano!

Jorge Zam

You’re welcome, I hope they work for you.

Tara Draws

The samples look so fun to draw, can't wait to come across these while practicing!

Jorge Zam

Thank you makes happy to hear that.


Lol, stunning photos with graceful poses! Thank you Jorge

Jorge Zam

it's a pleasure

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