Beware of pretender sites!

It was just brought to my attention that for whatever reason, searching for "Line of Action" on Bing brings up a completely faked version of this website, with NO trace of the official, real site in their search results.

I have submitted a DMCA takedown request to Bing and asked them to remove their listing for the fake version of LoA and instead link people to, you know... the actual site.

Please be careful out there and remember that before typing your login information into any site, you should glance at your browser address bar and make sure that the URL matches what you'd expect. In this case, it should always start with Don't try logging in if it's some other name, even if they happen to be displaying our logo on their page!

If you normally reach this site by doing a search through Bing, you may wish to change your login information, just in case you've accidentally been brought to a fake site in recent weeks.


Polyvios Animations

Wow! That’s scary, isn’t it?!


Thanks for the heads up.


So glad I have this bookmarked !




Everyone wants to scam someone, I'm just tired of seeing it, why do this for LOA there's better ways of getting people's credit card numbers

Kim - Site admin

They definitely didn't get access to our database or anyone's CC #s! They just put up a look-alike site that didn't quite work, maybe to get people to log in to it in hopes that people are re-using their passwords everywhere maybe? It's such a nasty thing to do to a site that is so chock full of students!

eloy (unregistered visitor)

This is why i never ever use bing , top 10 listed sites of whatever im looking for are either propaganda or useless fake sites , dont use bing

Kim - Site admin

It looks like Bing responded to my DMCA takedown request and removed the fake site from their results, but they also haven't added the real site to their results either... so you just can't find Line of Action at all on Bing anymore. Sigh. I'll see what I can do to coax them into behaving themselves! This was definitely not on my bingo card for 2024.


god that's creepy

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