56 photos from a new (to us) model, Daniel

We have a new model/photographer contributing to our collection today! Please welcome Daniel, who has provided us with 56 nude photos. These are free to the entire community right now. You'll see them start turning up in your figure study practice rotation right away.

Here's a few (cropped) sample images of what you'll see added to the rotation:



Polyvios Animations

Way to go, David! Keep up the great poses!!

Polyvios Animations

I mean, Daniel. Oop!


Huh, I haven't seen any of these pictures in rotation yet. Not sure if I'm the only one.

Sanne - Site moderator

Hmm, I also don't see them in the rotation, but the bundle is published with all the correct settings. I'll let Kim know and we'll investigate, thanks for pointing this out!

Sanne - Site moderator

Okay so they're showing up in my rotation now. I cleared the tool cache a few times on my account, I recommend you do the same and see if the images show up for you afterwards.

Top right of the page, under your username, go to 'Study tool options', then click the 'Clear Image Cache' button. That will highly likely fix the issue of Daniel's photos not showing up, but please let us know if you're still having trouble!


Cool thanks


Also unable to see the Daniel photos after a clear image cache.

Kim - Site admin

Hey friends!

I've confirmed and re-confirmed that they are released. If I do Only male read models, only nude models, and sitting/kneeling required (he is sitting in a large number of his photos) I can get him to show up pretty rapidly. I also see him available right at the top of the image list to select when I go to create a custom playlist: https://line-of-action.com/playlists/create/1


I like your idea.


No luck with new images connecting from NY area on east coast. I'll try again tomorrow.


Yay, thanks a bunch. Great poses too


New Daniel photos now visible in my rotation. Good work Daniel!



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