Achievement badges for all

Achievement badges used to only be for paid members. Now, all members will be able to earn them. Paid members have recently acquired some other special benefits in place of achievement badges, and since many achievement badges are earned through giving useful critique, I wanted to reward and incentivize everyone to spend time helping out their fellow students.

You may discover that you've already earned a number of achievement badges, and have a bunch of notifications about them! If you are overwhelmed by the notices, try our new "Mark all as seen" option.

This one will start to appear if you have 3 or more alerts waiting for your attention:

Also added a few "Did you Knows" to the end of each study session, to help members understand all the options available to them. For example, did you know that you can use the space bar to quickly pause and unpause a study session?

Stay tuned for more updates! We have a bunch of new photo bundles coming, almost one for every week for the rest of the year, and a bunch of small and large site updates in production as well.

Thank you to all our Doodler and Full members who make maintaining and improving the site possible. I so appreciate your support!


zhenAuggie (unregistered visitor)


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