Alex 360 poses

What an oversight! I recently realized that I forgot to release the 360 photos of Alex that we took months back. Today, we rectify that -- there are now 45 Alex poses available to look at in 360 degrees. 15 of these poses are for doodler & full subscription members, and 30 of them are available for absolutely everyone. Together, they represent several hundred photos.

All of these poses are nude - I'll shortly be releasing another batch of 360 degree views made from his clothed images.

Here are some preview images from this set:

Again, you can find these in the 360 degree pose viewer.


Learning Artist

Awesome, thank you both!

Polyvios Animations

Greatest works on all of your turnarounds you’ve posted, Kim, Sanne, & Alex!

Batuuu (unregistered visitor)

I really wanna know this guys full name PLEASE! me and my friends have been calling him Mr Nude or the Viking we need something more formal

Kim - Site admin

His name is Alex. I don't think he wants to share his last name. :)

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