New Feature: Review images at the end of a session

This past week, I took a slight diversion from working on the objects & still life tool to do some general fixes and upgrades to the study tools in general. The main change is that Doodlers and up will now have an opportunity to review the images that they studied at the end of a practice session. It's so nice to make this much-requested feature happen!

Even with that other work going on, I did still manage a few photos for the objects & still life tools. I stopped by my local farmer's market and picked up a bag of peaches and some small sunflowers, and created some scenes like these: 

I'm not 100% happy with the way the focus was set on some of these, but I decided that mediocre photos are better than no photos at this infant stage of the tool. The ones with softer focus will be removed eventually, as we get a wider selection of images. I am still finding my sea-legs on photographing these smaller items.



I really like those images

Kim - Site admin

These are definitely some of my favorites from this set :)


I think there might be some kind of issue with review images feature. When I try to end a session and it just goes to the first image of my session with no way to exit out back to the options menu. I now have to reload the page in order to get out.

Kim - Site admin

Thanks for the report! I think I just fixed this :)

Polyvios Animations

Way to go on those image jobs, Kim!

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