New animal photos: forest wildlife

I'm back, and planning some BIG changes to Line of Action this summer! Please join our new mailing list to stay up to date as new features are announced. For now, we have a selection of new forest wildlife photos to whet your appetite. Here's a sampling of the new images:

Chaffinch bird, Fringlla colebs, songbird of the family of finches, bird, close, common in Europe, Western Asia and North Africa; settles in the East, the wild bird in summer, bird on a branch.

Cute red squirrel on the tree trunk eagerly reaching for something

Red fox on hunt when mousing in grass field during autumn with forrest in background  


Lucas (unregistered visitor)

I always come back to this site to draw. It's just so good! A bunch of high quality and varied photos. And I love that it is still growing, unlike others. Keep 'em references coming!!

Kim - Site admin

Super glad you approve :)

Nathaniel (unregistered visitor)

This makes me so happy I just found this site like a month ago, It's incredible!

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