Complete site overhaul

While taking my first vacation in many years, I've completely overhauled the entire site. I have wanted to give the tools a more fitting home since I created them, and I finally, finally found a little time.

Here's a taste of what's new:

  • A critique forum
  • A lessons & tips area where I can post the best ideas and anatomical information that is sent to me. Some of you are pros with much advice to give!
  • A section for posting up books and other resources that you find helpful -- these double as support for the site
  • An ambitious goal to raise the money for NEW drawing tools, focusing on major challenge areas for artists. Read all about the plan here

Thank you all for making these tools such a massive success and your continued support over the years. I can't wait to meet you in the new forums!


NUkazu (unregistered visitor)

Awesome! This is a tremendous site which I use literally everyday. Will definitely be making a donation before the year is out--it's only fair!

Kim - Site admin

That makes me so happy to hear! I am thrilled beyond words every time I hear from someone who is benefiting from something I made. It's really quite inspiring... I need to find the discipline to practice every day myself!


I will without a doubt have to donate soon.
I use this site almost daily from my home and from my phone.
You and all the models deserve enormous amounts of kudos!

Kim - Site admin

Thank you so much. That means a lot to me. :)

Tyler (unregistered visitor)

i use this tool almost daily in practice for my university classes, i will deffinetly throw some support your way! this site has been such a great help and will surely continue to do so.

Kim - Site admin

That's amazing! I built this tool for myself just after I graduated college, because I was losing access to live models. That it's helped so many people who are still in school since that time makes me really wonder if I wouldn't have been a better student if I had thought of it earlier.

Alyse (unregistered visitor)

Wow, fantastic job with the site!! I was so surprised when the page was done loading, I thought I had clicked on a different link lol You're such an awesome person for keeping this going and working to improve it! ♥

Kim - Site admin

Thank you! It means oodles that you took the time to write.

Suresh Being

Thanks a lot for this awesome site. There are many similar sites but, this is the best. greetings from India!!

Kim - Site admin

Thank you for your kind words. I'm pretty amazed this site has developed such a long-distance appeal!

Nicole M. (unregistered visitor)

Thank you Kim for this site. In being new to figure drawing, (3 classes of the semester) it really helps me to expand beyond our once a week class. I can already tell that just drawing from your site's figures has helped in that I can be in that mode all week long and won't let myself get rusty. I'll be contributing to your site since I get so much out of it.
The redo looks fabulous BTW!!!

Kim - Site admin

You're a peach! You'll go far and speed ahead of the class with devotion like that.

Carly C. (unregistered visitor)

This is an amazing overhaul indeed! I posted it on my FB page for my classmates to see. I hope the site becomes booming!

Kim - Site admin

Yeah! Thank you for spreading the word. There's few higher compliments. :)

Drew (unregistered visitor)

Awesome, the site looks great! I heard about Pixel Lovely from my friends at school, and I've shared the site with plenty others. I practice from this site regularly and my teachers noticed a big improvement in my drawing. This site has been a life-saver!

Kim - Site admin

YES! I LOVE to hear that you got good feedback on your work after practicing here. So inspiring!


I've been using this site for at least a year, and it's been very helpful. With this recent update, you appear to be headed in a great direction.

- Ark

Kim - Site admin

Thank you! I sure hope so. :)


I've been using this site for about 2 or 3 months and I can honestly and joyfully tell you my life drawing skills have improved, ten-fold!! Every time I put pencil to paper I surprise myself. I can't thank you enough for this website and I'm enjoying the new look. I will contribute as much $ as I can and a suggestion if I may...Could you add more models in different perspectives (top-down, bird's eye, foreshortening etc.) Now off I go exploring more interesting new features on this site.

Thanks again


Kim - Site admin

That makes me joyful, too. I confess to having got out of the habit of using my own site long ago... I guess I just got caught up in making sites and programming, and forgot to keep on top of my art practice. Readying all the comments like this one have reignited my passion and energy for drawing a little every day, and I'm slowly starting to shake off the rust.

More angles and poses are definitely something on my list of things to do over time. I think we're going to be in for a lot of treats over the next 12 months or so if things keep going like they've been going. :)


Thank you so much for providing this wonderful site, I've used it on and off for the past year and have recommended it to many artists both beginner and not-so-beginner =) I plan to donate as soon as I have some extra funds, I can't wait to see what other awesome tools you come up with!

Kim - Site admin

Great to hear you've gotten so much use out of it!


YES! Man, I wasn't expecting anything like this! It's been too long since I've used this place, but this is a nice new addition. I will make it my goal to use this place, often.

Kim - Site admin

Surprise! ;)

MarkusR (unregistered visitor)

Awesome site, really like it. I have never drawn as much as I do now, thanks to you!

One suggestion: a brief pause (say 5 seconds) between one pose and the next, to give some time to turn the page etc... would make it even better!

Kim - Site admin

Thanks Markus! I will keep that in mind. :)

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