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Just a heads up about a great resource I encountered out there on the web -- has digital mannequins that you can bend into whatever pose you like. They seem to particularly aim themselves at comic artists, but I'm sure many kinds of artists could benefit. I recommend checking them out and perhaps mixing some custom-posed digital models into your practice routine in addition to live models for anatomy practice!


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like it




Thanks for the link! Interesting and could prove valuable. More so if you pay for the pre-posed characters.




Great resource! I'm never any good with 3d models tho lol. They're so hard to pose and manage but maybe I just need practice haha. Design doll is a really good one too

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There's also a great app called "poseIt", it is basically the same as a real mannequin but digitally, you can create a full scene using the app, just go to your app store and search for "poseIt"

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Super helpful! I often find that I have poses in mind that I'd love to put into action but can never find a model! Being able to mess around with poses digitally is such a great resource! Thanks for sharing! :)


Thank you! Looks like a lot of fun :)

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