Animal study students: What new animals do you want?

A question for those of you who make heavy use of our animal drawing practice tool - if we were able to rent a studio and bring in any kind of animal to photograph, what kind of animal(s) would you most want us to add? And what sort of poses would be most useful to you?



I haven’t started using the animal section yet but birds would be lovely, the feathers and shape of them is just so pretty and also fish? The flow of for example in gold fishes is very nice

Marcie Jenkins

More French Bulldogs pictures please! I’m working on a animated short film that features them.



Polyvios Animations

More Chinese Dog breeds, please, and some most exotic cat breeds?

Camila (unregistered visitor)


curds (unregistered visitor)

more insects and arachnids would be nice, since there aren't very many in the library.


I want cats, please. Not felines in general, not exotic cats, just regular house cats. Even alley cats. All colors, shapes, and sizes.


Bears and beavers !


Ostriches, any rodents and plantigrade(badgers, raccoons, skunks, ring tail possums, porcupines, armadillos, ferrets, pandas)

Austin (unregistered visitor)

More deep sea creatures or creatures with weird body plans (invertibrates and whatnot)

Shy (unregistered visitor)

Birds would be my number one pick! Raptors, parrots, waterbirds, songbirds, all of them are so useful. Especially photographs of wings in flight at various angles.

Another thing I'd love to see is pictures of bats in flight: practicing wings like that is great for fantasy artists who need reference/practice for drawing dragons and the like!


Primates have the least amount of pictures! 35 images in total (and it includes sloths which aren't even primates) - only 4 images contain babies so personally I'd like to see more baby/parent pictures and ones that show aggression and group behaviors!

Aside from that, the reptiles and amphibians category is the next smallest group and it's a lot of the same animals so some more diversity there would be awesome! It also doesn't have any skeleton pictures so maybe some of those? :)


I would love having more in the birds section, but particularly owls of all sorts! They have such an odd structure compared to other birds (in terms of their head/neck shape), and I'd love some focus on em.

If not, just more birds in flight or with open wings would be neat!

Taylor (unregistered visitor)

I would like to see some foxes, please.

Bit Roy

more types of reptile, the texture of the scales especially

F1rsta1dk1t (unregistered visitor)

Rabbits and hares!


This is late but I'd love to see more cats and some wild canids like wolves and foxes.

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