Live Session Gesture Poses from Betsy and David Art Models

Looking for more poses from David and smiling Betsy for your figure study practice? Today, there's a set of 53 new images in our study store! Please support them with your purchase. :) This bundle has a wide variety of poses, ranging from classical figure study poses, to "every day" poses with props like shoveling snow or playing tennis. 

Here is how Betsy and David describe their bundle:

These poses were photographed by an intervalometer camera during live gesture pose sessions. The models posed in one, two, five, and ten minute increments. Capturing the live performance yielded poses that were less perfect, but more representative of real life figure modeling.

Get ahold of them here:

These were taken with a setup. Here's a behind the scenes look:

From David:

This batch was shot under our updated LED lighting for video in the Zoom studio. There is a 2' wide by 8' tall panel on the right side of the frame that illuminates us from head to toe in even light. Shadow fill and hair highlights are still done with traditional fresnel and PAR lights. A mix of old and new.

The innovation came about after I was hired to pose in an repurposed old church in the summer of 2021. The only light came through a tall narrow window beside the model stand. The visual result was wonderful, and I got the idea to replicate the look in our studio.

Here are a few sample images, but of course you can see more at the purchase link :)




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