Window-lit indoor poses (on a bed) from Theo

Today, there's an additional 22 photos of Theo in the figure study practice tool! These photos are available to everyone for free, right away. I'll let Theo describe the set to you:

Most of the pictures here have pretty stable and even light conditions. Others have the sun shining directly through for some interesting contrasts. Many of the pictures have me posing with a white sheet for a prop. I hope this helps many artists!

Here's some samples from this photo set:



Thank you very much, Theo!
Your contribution is fundamental for us, the artists. Best wishes for you!


I am glad I can help!


Great pics for me to practice - thank you Theo be good to see more pics


Thanks. There'll be some more for sure


Thanks theo! I always find back poses the hardest to draw. This will do nicely.


Great! Glad I could be of service!


theo, thank you sooososososososoooooooooo much for this i really like drawing nudes it help me practice


You're welcome!

Vasantn Joshi (unregistered visitor)


Vasantn Joshi (unregistered visitor)


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