Looking for photographers in Portland, OR

We finally hit our fundraising goal! Now, I'm on the hunt for the perfect photographer to help us get pictures of hands & feet for the new tool. Although I have a starter list of photographers I'm calling, if you know someone who would be a perfect fit for this job, please link them here so they can get in touch with me! I'm hoping to interview as many photographers as possible to make sure we get the one best suited to us. Looking forward to meeting your favorite Portland photographers!

Project specifics

This project requires pictures of hands and feet, from "models" (although we want regular hands and feet, not "pretty fashion model" hands and feet) of many ages and ethnicities, and both genders. These photos will eventually be used as reference resources for artists, in tools similar to the one visible here: https://line-of-action.com/practice-tools/figure-drawing/

The emphasis will be on adults and young adults, but having at least one child and one elder in the mix would be ideal. We're currently looking at somewhere between 8 and 15 models, depending on time, availability and cost. There are no specifics as of yet as to which ethnicities -- we'd just like to see a healthy range represented.

We would like these photographs to be done in a studio with lighting that makes clear the depth of the hands and feet so that they can be properly studied. We'd like to get between 20 to 100 shots of each model, with their hands and feet in different poses, running the models through the session one after another in a single day.

Please answer the following questions in your bid:

- Do you have a studio available for the shoot?
- Where are you located?
- What would you charge for your time?
- What would your price be per picture, or would it be a flat payment for time and labor?
- Do you have a relationship with a modeling agency? If so, what would it cost to have you handle lining up a diverse range of models for the day?

I look forward to working with you!


If you are a photographer based in Portland, OR and can help us with the above project, please send a bid to sanne@pixelovely.com.


Chili again xD (unregistered visitor)

(God I hate typing in phone I redid this too many times .sorry guys if my comments lack commas or punctuation mark oh sorry bout the last comment it was really unfinished cuz I was busy doin rosary that I accidentally deleted portions of it) here it goes. Actually you can do it all very cheaply really.here's some suggestions 1.acctually you don't really need a studio any place you can hang ,paste or staple white sheets or black as background will do . If you don't have you can buy some
2. Strong lighting acctually you can rent those lighting things that professionals use
3.actually you don't really need to go to a modeling agency to find a model my friend who owns one told me that it's the same as just going around the street and finding people to model for you actually any one will do friends ,neighbors ,family or even prostitutes can model for you. You can pay them 20 and it's maybe more cheaper than going to model agencies and asking for their models
4.Camera if you don't have you can always borrow if not rent
Don't forget (important camera stuff like SD cards and batteries)
Oh Hahn good luck to all you guys and thank you for making this website it's really really helpful ohhh yah don't forget to picture in profile

Chili again xD (unregistered visitor)

Ohh yah forgot to mention I did the math and look for a thousand dollars you can have like 50 models and the goal is like 18 it's a super win situation plus also don't forget with rent that camera holder thing so everything won't be too blurry with all this l you can use the extra money to like increase bandwitch.

Kim - Site admin

Hi Chili,

I definitely considered these kinds of options, as you are correct that they are cheaper. However, I'm only too aware that having the best equipment does not guarantee a good result. I would much rather invest in someone with experience and expertise in setting up photos with depth, clarity, contrast, and all the other things that go into a clear and useful photo. Having bombed in many photography classes where I was loaned equipment worth many thousands, the value of skill and talent is extremely clear to me. I would rather that we do this all right rather than cheap! :)

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