A great TED talk: 30 day challenge

If you're trying to learn a new skill (like drawing!) you might find this TED talk very encouraging and inspiring. It's under four minutes long, so if you're looking for a quick boost, take a peak:


Alperen (unregistered visitor)

Thanks for the video! That was great and inspiring. I love this website!

fiona (unregistered visitor)

Brilliant video - very inspiring!


interesting idea after watching this video I decided to challenge myself to do at least two color studies a day in oil for the next month in addition to my normal painting and drawing work.


Wow, that was very invigorating. I think I might just try this out.
Thanks :D


very inspirational. thank you :D


great video!!!!!!

Rebecca (unregistered visitor)

very inspirational!


Lately I´ve been really lazy about the drawing stuff. But this video makes me get motivated again. My main goal its to draw EVERYDAY and not lazy drawings, I want to make my drawing time a time full of quality, I want to challenge myself and start to see a real progress. Thanks for sharing!


how has that been going? :D


There is no video link for me. I have refreshed the page multiple times. Could you re-post the link?

Kim - Site admin

Looks like the link had changed since we originally put it up! Thanks so much for catching that. I've updated the post with the new link. Hopefully it works for you now! :)


Good that it's short, and I noticed his presentation skill is really smooth: not overly enthusiastic nor awkward or boring, and the content of what he's saying does not sound unrealistic. Thank you :-)

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