Maintenace complete for today, but we've got more ahead

Hi everybody, we managed to complete our maintenance work today without needing to take the site down. We did see a small increase in stability and had a more peaceful morning after maintenance, but are seeing things get rocky again as our numbers climb even further in the evening.

So, there's still more work that needs to done over the next few days there's been a DRASTIC uptick in the number of people trying to access the site the last 30 days, and it's crossed a threshold where we're starting to have troubles handling it. Thanks for your patience and I apologize for the inconvenience while I try to get this stabilized! I'm trying to keep a close eye on things so I can do reboots quickly when needed, while I prepare the next steps in updates.


Mr Jeffcot

I'm a recent member. I've noticed the site has been very buggy in the last few days. The timed drawing segments in class mode is way off. Pictures ending randomly between 1 second and 8 seconds and pausing doesn't seem to help. Is this due to the maintenance issues? 16th Jan.

Kim - Site admin

Hi Jeffcot,

No, I don't think it's related to this. I'm surprised to hear that it's suddenly been malfunctioning; that particular codebase has been stable for several years now. It seems like very recently it's stopped working correctly for a portion of the userbase, which likely means there was some browser update that's changed things up on us.

To help me try to reproduce this, what browser and device do you use to access the site?

Hojes (unregistered visitor)


Jelly_Eli (unregistered visitor)

Hello Admins! Some of the uptick in user numbers may be thanks to the upcoming "Figuary" (figure drawing February) event started by Kenzo and Mayko via
You may want to consider contacting them to work together; maybe they could help you find a way to process higher traffic, as well as bring in even more users.


I am encountering some problems accessing my studio page to download my drawings recently. I don't know if this is related to the recent overload issues. Please contact.

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