Some more upgrades planned for Sunday

Hey all!

I'm looking to do another series of upgrades to help us handle the massive site load this Sunday -- I am going to attempt to do this with no downtime, but please be aware the site may run slow that evening (02/02/2020)


Kim - Site admin

Hi all! Just installed the last in a series of upgrades that I've been trickling out over the past 3 days. The site appears MUCH faster and more stable as a result. Thank you so much for bearing with me! This last install did end up causing about two and a half minutes of downtime, apologies. It looks like that may be the last we experience for some time.

Polyvios Animations

Hello, Kim,

I just wanna say, thanks for the upgrades tonight. I just did 9 minutes, and I really hit a 3 day streak.

Polyvios Animations.

白奕安 (unregistered visitor)


wangxiangyi (unregistered visitor)


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