Maintenance complete!

Maintenance is complete! My efforts met with much more success tonight than they did yesterday, though it took spinning up a new server and migrating everything over to make it happen... But hey! Shiny new server?

A LOT of things were updated during this maintenance, though most of it is invisible under-the-hood stuff meant to keep the site working now and into the future. However, there were a few user facing features that made it into this patch!

  • There is now a 1.5 hour class length available in class mode
  • The number of achievement badges you can earn has just doubled!
  • The site does a better job celebrating each badge you earn like the achievement it is ;)
  • I've made the link to the tutorial harder to miss for all users who have yet to achieve the "tutorial completed" badge. I hope this is a step toward new users having a better understanding of what is actually expected of them during those panic-inducing 30 seconds when they're first faced with them.

I am actively monitoring the error logs for any remaining hiccups that may still be happening, but if you run into a problem, please don't hesitate to contact with as many details as you can give me about the bug you're experiencing.

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