Maintenance continues tonight

I will be performing another round of major maintenance on the site server tonight, Thursday, Oct 28th in my time zone. Here's an idea of what that will be in other time zones:

  • Los Angelos, USA (UTC -7): Thu, Oct 28 10:00pm
  • New York, USA (UTC -4): Fri, Oct 29 1:00am
  • London, UK (UTC +1): Fri, Oct 29 6:00am
  • Shanghai, China (UTC +7): Fri, Oct 29 1:00pm
  • Moscow, Russia (UTC +3) : Fri, Oct 29 8:00am
  • Seoul, South Korea (UTC +9): Fri, Oct 29 2:00pm
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (UTC +2): Fri, Oct 29 7:00am
  • São Paulo, Brazil (UTC -3): Fri, Oct 29 2:00am
  • Lagos, Nigeria (UTC +1): Fri, Oct 29 6:00am
  • Melbourne, Australia (UTC +11): Fri, Oct 29 4:00pm

There will be some associated downtime; I will do my best to keep the downtime to under an hour. Please plan accordingly. Thanks for your patience! :)


Polyvios Animations

What's happened? WHY is it all blank??

Polyvios Animations

Please fix it up, Kim and Sanne.

Polyvios Animations

Polyvios Animations

Thanks, Kim and Sanne.

Polyvios Animations.

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