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I will be performing some major maintenance on the site server in just over 24 hours. It will occur Wednesday, Oct 27th in my time zone. Here's an idea of what that will be in other time zones:

  • Los Angelos, USA (UTC -7): Wed, Oct 27 10:00pm
  • New York, USA (UTC -4): Thu, Oct 28 1:00am
  • London, UK (UTC +1): Thu, Oct 28 6:00am
  • Shanghai, China (UTC +7): Thu, Oct 28 1:00pm
  • Moscow, Russia (UTC +3) : Thu, Oct 28 8:00am
  • Seoul, South Korea (UTC +9): Thu, Oct 28 2:00pm
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (UTC +2): Thu, Oct 28 7:00am
  • São Paulo, Brazil (UTC -3): Thu, Oct 28 2:00am
  • Lagos, Nigeria (UTC +1): Thu, Oct 28 6:00am
  • Melbourne, Australia (UTC +11): Thu, Oct 28 4:00pm

There will be some associated downtime; I will do my best to keep the downtime to under an hour. Please plan accordingly.

Thanks for your patience! :)



While preparing for downtime would you consider at some point creating a new drawing class of flashcards, like figure drawing, but only with simple forms?


Currently, there are no websites that offer simple still life flashcards in a timed gesture format. I have looked. There seems to be a void in this vital section of understanding simple gestures to form concepts. Maybe because they seem boring to the beginner and too obvious to the more advanced that it doesn't occur to them to spend much time on this subject matter.

But we all know how much they matter to our understanding of translating from 3d to 2d.

There are a lot of blogs, books and how-to's on youtube, yes. But no one is offering flashcards or practicals here are some simple compositions interactive forms available for the artist online on a platform that emphasises getting lines on the page this one.

I think that you could grow your website for a wider audience and give more of the gift of foundational art principles to the beginner and help the advance review the fundamentals with quicker access to interactive still life tools.

A few Ideas this section could emphasise :
Viewpoints- Having a dot(s) visible or invisible on the photograph to distinguish the vp;
Light- Optional Red lines on the form showing the Cast shadow, the highlight, and so on the photograph.
Colour- Have the same image in colour as in black and white; emphasising how relative colour affects forms on the page.

Thank you for your consideration and Maintainance of this website.

All of the best,

JCML Fine Ar

Kim - Site admin

Fascinating idea! I will certainly consider this -- unfortunately, as the downtime is tonight and the specific maintenance I need to do is already slated, it of course won't happen during this particular downtime. :)

Kim - Site admin

I managed to complete most of what I wanted to do, but there's still more that needs accomplishing. I will schedule another maintenance period very soon to continue.

In the meanwhile, achievement badges are temporarily disabled.


Thank you for the telling us about the maintenance period.. I appreciate it.

Kim - Site admin

Of course :)



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