More experimental images for the basic shapes tool

I've been conducting some more experimental photo shoots based on the suggestions you've given for what you'd like to see in the new basic shapes & still life tool. Some of those experiments were more successful than others, but all of them were informative.

I have about 50 images that I am happy enough with to present to you, at least for now until they can be replaced with more and better.

I have some basic shapes in more "house" constructions, using quite dramatic forced lighting:

I did some trials with using colored light setups, such as purple and green or orange and blue:

I even started making some simple compositions with fruits and vegetables:


Many of you were clear in wanting fabric and drapery to practice folds with. Never fear, I'm still working busily on your suggestions, and hope to have some selections of fabric soon too. As before, I am open to hearing your comments about what sort of objects, still lifes, basic shapes and lighting you'd like to see added, as well as timer changes that would make these tools more useful to you!



These new models have been a hit!

Polyvios Animations

Yeah! They have!!

Sci Girl

ooooohhhhhh this is all very exciting!

Learning Artist

Thank you! This tool has been a great help with practicing forms and doing warmups!

Learning Artist

Forgot to add on, but something I noticed while using the earlier version of this tool is that a lot of the shots were head on of the shapes. I think it would be cool if more dramatic camera angles were used, like above and at an angle, or extremely close up. Again, thank you for this tool and the work you do for this site, it is much appreciated.

Kim - Site admin

Roger that! :D

Zombie Jimi

Thank you a lot your website is the best !

Linda Kacer (unregistered visitor)

Thank you very much. I was expecting that for a long time. Look forward the drapery.


Legend for the still life fruit photos, love the website, especially the primate section.

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