More Theo!

Theo is on a roll! We're once again extremely lucky to be able to say that we have another set of free-for-everyone photos being released by Theo today.

This set includes a mixture of indoor and outdoor poses - some even shot in the snow! - and has some highly gymnastic shots of climbing, twisting, balancing, and other challenges.

Here's a little sample of what you'll see in this release:

This set of 26 images will start to appear in your figure study image rotation today.

If you like these, please consider supporting Theo by purchasing some of his other photo bundles available in our study shop.


Olive Fernando

very cool photos


Thanks! I hope they inspire you.

flora (unregistered visitor)

i've gone back to art school at 45!your site was suggested to me by my art teacher (an actual friend of YAN PEI MING!)
i've improved drastically thanks to your site!thank you so much for these original poses and inspiring!
kisses from france!

Kim - Site admin

I'm so thrilled to hear this! :D


Digo lo mismo :D


I'm glad I could help!


are there any clothed pictures???


are there any clothed pictures???


I'll see what I can do :). I can't say I have a very attractive or interesting wardrobe, and I thought that nude poses would be more helpful or figure study.

If nudity is a concern, many of my poses hide my genitalia. They'll show up if you select the "decent" option.

Let me know if this helps :)


thank you im to judge you based on your wardrobe i just want something to draw even though it is much easier to draw nudes not a concern just a simple polite suggetion! : )


no the person^^

Kathleen (unregistered visitor)

Hi Theo! Saw one of your photos in my class today. Great posing and lighting. Probably my best sketch so far!


It's very rewarding to hear that, thank-you!


Love the light Theo, helps the study no end, inspiring!


Thanks alot! It's encouraging to hear that it's helping your study.

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