Theo's evening light photos

Theo can't stop won't stop! Today, he brings us a bundle of 54 photos taken over the course of an evening. You can see the light transition from late afternoon to golden sunset to the first winks of stars in twilight. Study the varying ways that these lights play over the human form, with Theo's signature gymnatic posts.

These images are available in the study photo store -- grab them today! :)

Here's a tiny taste of photos in this set:



evening light is always so rich, much more so than morning, I think!


Great work!


Thanks. I hope they're helpful and inspiring


You should come to Oregon.


:) not with covid


Your poses are so dynamic! Thank you :D


Thanks. Happy drawing!

Alba (unregistered visitor)

I'm totally in love with your pics! they inspires me a lot!! They've a lot of movement and an amazing light, thank you so much for sharing them with us :) there's a way of sharing my drawings with you? I'm new in this website haha sorry


Thanks for your words. I'm glad to have helped you in your study, and I would love to see your work. You can use the following link to direct message me:

You might have to create an account for this website though

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