Muscle tutorial from "The Punchline is Machismo"

This tutorial comes from It is PACKED with excellent information. Whatever your problem drawing area is, it's sure to have something for you.

If it doesn't blow your mind, I'm not sure what will. Be sure to check out and see the great comic that all this knowledge has produced!

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Comments on "Muscle tutorial from "The Punchline is Machismo""


Thanks for this.


very nice , thanks a lot


I really found this quite a funny read, informative too, obviously! I am going to check this guy out!

Kim - Site admin

So glad to hear it!

EduxBR (unregistered visitor)

Thanks for this tutorial! ^^

Yash (unregistered visitor)

This will be very helpful to my friends at the Art school. Thank you!




This is fantastic...very helpful

Matt Barr (unregistered visitor)

Thank you for this! I didn't look at it at first, because it said "muscle tutorial." But this is absolutely what I was looking for (facial features).

Dexter (unregistered visitor)

This is a great reference image!

Adele (unregistered visitor)

Just copied the first third of this out into a notebook using a sharpie. Was very satisfying and I felt like my hands were learning , not just my eyes. I'm going to draw the whole thing, then draw all the rest of the tutes. Hopefully I will have up skilled by the time it's all done :)

What do you usually do for practice? I want to begin a drawing practice again after 5yr lapse but am struggling to find direction. Any advice is appreciated.

Kim - Site admin

What a great idea!!

I would say the secret to improving is a constrant stream of small, focused goals so your brain knows what to work on ("better at drawing" is too nebulous and results in slower progress than something like "be able to accurately place all of the major features of the head in 30 seconds or less"), and a regularly scheduled and defined practice regimen.

Marianne fuller (unregistered visitor)

I was lost
And am found

Nicole (unregistered visitor)

This is amazing! Thank you so much!

g2000 (unregistered visitor)

This is great!!!
Thank you a lot!!!


That's really helpful,much gratitude!!!!!!!!!

Ag Cl

thanks a lot for your detailed illustration

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