New forum moderator

Good news! Sanne has stepped up to help me moderate the forums. I have had the great pleasure of moderating other sites alongside her in the past, so I know that she is a top-notch mod. She will be around to help answer questions, deal with tech support questions, move threads, provide encouragement, and just generally be awesome while I am distracted getting the new tools out.

But Sanne isn't just a web monkey! She is a fellow artist, and can converse coherently and sparklingly about figure study. I'm very excited to have her help keeping things well-oiled.

Please give her a warm welcome! See you all on the forums. :)


Sanne - Site moderator

Hey everyone! :) I'm so super excited to be on board here! I'll do my best to be a supportive and useful asset to the site and answer your questions to the best of my abilities.

I'm looking forward to much awesomeness. <3


Hey, glad to have you ;D.

Sanne - Site moderator

Thank you very much!

Carol Barbosa (unregistered visitor)

My dog was stolen but i don't have any pics of him, if i described how he looks could you draw a pic of him?

Kim - Site admin

Maybe someone in the forums would be able to help you with this. If the dog was stolen, the police are a better starting place though!

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