Setbacks, new photographer, still going to make hands & feet happen

Hi gang,

A quick update about progress on the hands and feet tool. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, check out these posts first:

Support us page (explains what we were raising the money for, and still are!)
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Progress on hands & feet tool

I've been feeling terrible about the long delay in getting this tool out, and hurting for the lack of its existence myself -- I want to practice hands and feet too! For a long while, I didn't know how to give you a progress update, because after that batch of test photos, I stopped hearing from the photographer. After some months of confusion, I've decided to give up there and work with another photographer. I should have made that decision a long time ago, but I loved the test photos that I saw so much that I was really looking forward to more and stuck it out until the point of extreme frustration.

So, this last week I made the time to find a new photographer, and have selected one whose work is excellent and who I know will be much more responsive. Together, we're restarting the process of booking a location, finding models, and etc. The hands & feet tool  finally seems to have gotten its second wind.

At the moment, we are running up against the holidays causing major scheduling conflicts for pretty much everyone involved, so we're tentatively setting the day of the shoot for early January.

If you happen to live in Portland, Oregon and want to add your hands and feet to the drawing tool, drop me a line and we'll see about adding you to the list of models.

TL;DR version: It's still happening!



That's great, I Was wondering what was going on with the new tool. Great to hear about the new photographer. And good luck ;D

Kim - Site admin

Yeah, I have to figure that at some point y'all just decided that I took the money and fled to Mexico. ;) Sorry for the delay in updates, I just didn't know what to say when I didn't know what was up with our photog.!


lol, yeah. Still great that you didn't abandon such a project. :)

ant (unregistered visitor)

Great !!!! It's a really good project !


So glad to hear an update on this, I've been itching to know! Best of luck with the new photographer. =)

XoXo (unregistered visitor)

Thank you so so so much for doing all this stuff for us you are awesome

stephen h

This sounds fantastic, Is this likely to be live by the end of January?

Kim - Site admin

Given that the photoshoot is occurring late in January, I would estimate February as the safer bet. At this point, ASAP is definitely a goal, though!

Stephen H (unregistered visitor)

any chance of an update on progress? :)

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