Patch released to address black screen bug

For those using Internet Explorer, especially older versions, there's been a bug in the new version of the tools that can cause the photos to not display correctly, instead persistently showing a black screen.

We just released a patch meant to address this issue for Internet Explorer. You may need to clear your cache and refresh your browser in order to get the fix.

A second patch that will remove the dialogue box that hides the image while the tools are paused, add better control over what types of images you want to draw, and a few other convenience updates is in the works; I'm anticipating its release before the month is out.

Thanks to everyone who has reported issues and come to me with suggestions for improvement!


Vai (unregistered visitor)

I've tried going onto the figure study section multiple times, on both google chrome and firefox, and just get error messages? But only for figure studies, things like the facial expressions, animals, and hands and feet all work fine

Kim - Site admin

Hi Vai,

I'm not seeing any errors on any of the tools. What is the actual error it's giving you?

Forest (unregistered visitor)

I only use the Chrome browser and haven't had any problems until tonight; now I get the black screen on all of the pics for about 5-10 seconds before it shows the pic. I'm only using the animal section.

Vero (unregistered visitor)

Same on Mozilla Firefox. But i´m also using the human figure section.

Valeriia (unregistered visitor)

I use Safari on my phone to access this website and I've never had any problems until today. I tried all of the sections but regardless of what i choose it only shows me a black screen instead of photos. Also, there's some code at the top of the page.

Kim - Site admin

Hi all! The string of error messages you're seeing at the top of the screen and the slow loading appear to be a server-side cache error, unrelated to the client-side patch pushed yesterday, but definitely interestingly timed - we're working with the host to resolve the issue right now, hang tight!

T Grey (unregistered visitor)


Maybe a suggestion. Just have your program pre-generate the list of pictures that will be used (especially in the class mode) and then pre-load them too. That way these is maybe a 1 min delay before the class mode starts, but then per picture there is no lag. I am currently having up to 20 second loading times on some of these images (in the 30s class mode this can be somewhat annoying). I would much rather just have a class preload time and then get stuck into it. Had to cancel the class mode 3 times in as many days. I suspect this would resolve some of your black screen issues too.

Kim - Site admin

Hi there! Pre-loading is already in the works, although only a few in advance -- loading hundreds of images every time the tool is opened would hammer our servers and people's connections.

Bob (unregistered visitor)

You mentioned you just released a patch. Where can I get this patch and how do I load it.

Kim - Site admin

You might need to refresh your browser, but that's it. There's nothing to install on your end.


hi nice to meet you.
When I press any material on the drawing, the picture does not pop up but only the black screen pops up. How to solve
Please let me know.


When I press any material on the drawing, the picture does not pop up but only the black screen pops up. How to solve
Please let me know.

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