Better pause, animal categories and more

A major new patch was released for the drawing tools today! This release includes:

  • The pause button no longer puts a dialog box in front of the image, so you can now feel free to pause on images that capture your fancy and spend as long as you want finishing your drawing if you wish.
  • Better image pre-loading, so you don't waste precious drawing seconds waiting for each image to load.
  • A loading spinner when you do have to wait for an image to load, so it's clear the tools are working and haven't crashed.
  • A fix for the iOS image resizing issues, where images frequently got cut off on iPads and iPhones. If you used to suffer from this issue but no longer do, please let me know this patch worked for you!
  • Break messages no longer advance the photos.
  • Break messages now include the exact recommended break length, instead of just showing it in the "time left" timer, to help you stay on schedule for your at-home class.
  • The faint black background that is meant to make the timer easier to see no longer goes away if the image does not have a photographer credit associated with it, meaning it's easier to read the timer no matter what image you're viewing.
  • Forums on small screens (mobile phones) will now show you who the last person to reply to a topic was, so it's easier to tell if you've gotten a response without opening each topic.
  • Better categories for the animal drawing tool
    • The "All but insects & other creepy crawlies" option has been restored
    • A new "All" option that gets you all animals of all kinds has been added.
    • When you click “Only show live animals” it no longer erroneously tells you "no images fit this criteria."

With all new code, there's always a chance for new bugs. If you encounter bugs and issues with this new version, please post about them on the Support Forum, or submit a bug report via the contact form.

If you enjoy this update, please consider supporting us. :)

EDIT 5/19/2018 6:20 PM PST: A second patch has just been released to address a bug that prevented class mode from advancing beyond the 30 second warmups.



There's one bug with the pause feature.

I was in the middle of Class mode (the 30 minute one) and after I paused the sketch I accidentally clicked the fast forward option. It moved me to a new pose but it also ticked down another pose when I was not ready. I am not sure if this was intended because pressing fast forward didn't use to progress the class forward before, so I just wanted to let someone know this happened.

Kim - Site admin

Hi there! This was meant to allow people to skip through the warmups if they wished, since we've gotten a lot of requests regarding that. :) Unrelated to pause though!

Kim - Site admin

Hi again! There's been an update on this issue:

Heather (unregistered visitor)

I really want to register but when I click “register” the login page just reloads

Heather (unregistered visitor)

Oh I see, it’s just the link on the sign in page that the register link doesn’t work

Kim - Site admin

Thanks for reporting that! I've fixed that link now. :)

Alice (unregistered visitor)

Hey. this update a little upset me. (class mode) when I skip an image, it is automatically counted, although I did not draw it, but simply missed it! before this update the images were not counted until the time is up.

Kim - Site admin

Sorry about that! There's been an update on this issue:

Kim - Site admin

Okay, I have new pause button/next button code out just now. The pause button should no longer break if you use the "next" button while paused.

In addition, the next button now works in the following way in class mode: If you are more than halfway through the time you've been allotted to draw an image and use the "next" button, the tools will assume you've finished early and move you to the next pose in the class. But, if you're LESS than halfway through the image's time, it will assume you just didn't care for the image you were assigned for that segment and change JUST the image, without advancing the class segment. Hopefully this is a better balancing of competing concerns and makes more people happy. :)

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