Sorting photos

I spent a few hours with the photographer again this morning, laying plans for our next shoot and sorting the photos from the last shoot. I thought I'd give you a little preview of a few of the shots that were taken!



Daniel eats an apple


All of the selected photos are about to undergo some light post-processing to contrast, cropping and whatever else it is that photographers do to make photos really clear and amazing. I'm so excited for when I can start uploading!


Kuro (unregistered visitor)

These look pretty cool! Wasn't particularly looking forward to this but now I'm interested in using it.

Stephen H (unregistered visitor)

looks like it's going to be a very helpful feature! When are you hoping to get this live?

Kim - Site admin

Whoops, didn't spot this question at first!

I wrapped up the necessary programming last night, along with some patches for known issues with the old tools.

The first batch of photos themselves are supposed to be out of touch-ups by Monday. At that point the hurdle is just uploading them all and properly tagging them all so that people can make their choices about what ages, genders and body parts/expressions they are interested in working with. I imagine that process will take a few days, even with the assistants I'm calling in to help expedite the process.

Once we've FINALLY got all the photos uploaded and sorted, the tools (and the fixes to the old tools) will be revealed in their full glory. :)

That said, I am beyond stoked to get these things out there. I will push to get them to you with all speed possible.

And then once that's done, it's time for another day in the photo studio to get more types of models and poses for us!

Azur Lys (unregistered visitor)

Awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing these go live. :)


oh my goodness, Hands & feet & facial expressions
the most difficult things

you are gonna be hugely helpful
I cannot put my gratitude into words
just thank you
thanks a million

Kim - Site admin

Aww, this made me happy to read. I hope they are as helpful as hoped! :)

Hazy (unregistered visitor)

I just discovered this site and I'd like to thank you so much for putting this all together!

I'm excited to see how this project will turn out (and use it too, of course!)

Jean (unregistered visitor)

I really do not care for the hands the first two are ok but the rest are not really the kinds of hands that an artist would encounter.

Kim - Site admin

What first two?

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