Photoshoot #1 complete!

Hi gang! Just wanted to keep you posted; yesterday I spent all day in a photography studio helping get a series of hands and feet shots. We had models moving in and out all day, shooting nearly continuously, with only about a twenty minute break for lunch.


I am still exhausted from the experience, but also incredibly excited. We're sorting the photos now and getting them ready to load into a brand new tool. We even got some great shots of faces in different expressions at many different angles, so there may well be a faces tool on its way as well!

Even in a full day of shooting, we weren't able to get through all of the models we wanted, so we're working on scheduling another shoot. The tool will probably launch before then, and we'll just keep on adding as we get more. I'll keep you posted as things develop!



Johanneson (unregistered visitor)

Very good news, I can't wait to try this new tool out!

Simon (unregistered visitor)

Congratulations, that's excellent news. Love the site and excited to see the new tool.

Jonathan (unregistered visitor)

Awesome news. Your site has improved my drawing so much in such a short amount of time. Looking forward to this new tool!

Rebecc (unregistered visitor)


Azur Lys (unregistered visitor)

Awesome! I look forward to seeing this go live on the website. Your resources are a big help. :)

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